Lessons learned from IT class

The Information Technology class is been full of knowledge. I learned a lot of new stuff but, to mention some in particular are Google plus, Writing case memos, and about the virtual currency, Bitcoins 

I learned about Google plus in depth. This program is fascinating to me, it has so many tools, like storing big chunks of data in Google drive and share it with people. The ability to summon others and have a video chat and share screens was very valuable to me. This program is definitely useful at a work environment, it could potentially make the task of a group easier and more productive. 

Writing Case Memos – it was challenging but I learned that it is important in the business world to be able to present a case with multiple options and offer one good strategy to convince others. It is a valuable trait to have because at the end of the day in the world of business it is all about convincing others.

The concept of virtual currency puzzles my mind. I am not sure if Bitcoin will be strong enough to challenge our ordinary system of paper currency which is backed by the governments of the world, yet it has become world famous. I am very excited to see the future of this trend and speculate the outcome. 


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