Results of the Trades

Trade #1

Friday March 15, 2013

I traded options of Google, Apple, and Bidu. In less than 8 hours I was able to make $72,400.00 in profit. I had purchased puts for GOOG and Bidu. I had Purchased calls for AAPL. The initial invest was $100,000.00.




UPDATE APR 1 2013.

On March 1st I had decided to create an investment project for my CAOT32 class . The conditions were to start an account from $100,000.00 and take it to $1 Million until the end of the College semester. Exactly in 2 months the goal is achieved. Even though 3 weeks still remain to the set dead line.

The purpose behind this project was to shed some light to my class mates about the power of the Stock Market and the possibility of accumulating wealth through investing in the right stocks at the right time; Plus injecting the idea of “becoming a millionaire is easy”, into their subconscious mind. All you need to do is want it bad enough…

Please take a look at the pictures, they contain more details.




6 thoughts on “Results of the Trades

    • Hey Paul.

      Well, I made my analysis through technical charts and in results I knew which stock is weak or which stock is strong. Based on that information I bought or sold options of those stocks… I am starting a new project soon. This time I’ll start with 10k cash, real money and will take it to 100k. I’ll give live forecasts and trades.


      • Ah ok..thanks man..I hope you doing good..I finally started to trade on trade monster , and I am kind of lost. I bought shares of linkedin, and I am thinking about trading apple and google..Any advice?

      • No problem man. Yes I am going good thank you. How are you doing?

        It’s paper trade. So buy and sell as much as you can. The next couple of weeks everything will be very volatile. Most likely everything will go up, including apple and GOOG.

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