The GOAL is to make $1000,000.00 out of $100,000.00 of virtual money in trading Options before our class ends!

I have created an account with a brokerage firm called TradeMonster.

Here is a picture of the account value.

Account Information

If any of you are interested to trade with me while I am trading, then you can go to and sign up for a Paper Trade account. It’s an Options trading firm, with a great platform that is easy to use.

If you need any help with the process let me know I will help.

UPDATE: APR 18 2013

Everything is going according to plan. The account is worth $700,000.00

Next week I should hit the Million Dollar mark.

Stay tuned.





On March 1st I had decided to create an investment project for my CAOT32 class . The conditions were to start an account from $100,000.00 and take it to $1 Million until the end of the College semester. Exactly in 2 months the goal is achieved. Even though 3 weeks still remain to the set dead line.

The purpose behind this project was to shed some light to my class mates about the power of the Stock Market and the possibility of accumulating wealth through investing in the right stocks at the right time; Plus injecting the idea of “becoming a millionaire is easy”, into their subconscious mind. All you need to do is want it bad enough…

Please take a look at the pictures, they contain more details.




2 thoughts on “CAOT32 PROJECT

  1. I enjoy reading your page. It shows that you are determined and know exactly what to do with your life. I think you are in the right direction to be successful and at the same time being happy in doing what you love. In the business of making money you seem to have what it takes. I have always admired how investors prepare so much and analyze tons of numbers and reactions. All this preparation allows them not to take chances on the unknown.

    If you continue to research the way you are doing it, you should have a strong and passionate idea as to what they you want to accomplish. Taking financing is very useful to understand what variables are needed to analyze the projected performance of any business. Most importantly, to come to a conclusion where profit can be realized, and overall profits can be expected over a ten year period. I like your poll, it is important to visualize what we want to accomplish in a 10 year period.

    • Dear Jose thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I am glad that you enjoy reading my page. I will start posting a lot more useful information soon.

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