Education for Trading Options


There are many strategies that can be applied to trading Options. The most simple kind is to buy Calls or Puts.

Buying Calls means to go pro market. In other words if the stock goes higher in price then it makes a profit.

Buying Puts is the opposite. If the stock drops in price then the option makes a profit.

Options are the riskiest investments, however it has a huge potential to make profit. For example, if $2,500 is invested, it is easily possible to make $10,000 with it within a day!


5 thoughts on “Education for Trading Options

  1. This page seems really interesting because it involves the process of buying and selling stocks. There is not that much information, but what you have put, it is the most interesting part of the world of stocks because you as a broker have to know when to buy and when to sell. For example, you have the chance to invest money in something that you know will get you more, you should invest that money. I have never bought a stock because of my financial economy. I want to try when I have money because it can make money easily or lose money more easily.
    I have watched few movies about the economy and how it works.

    There was a movie called Wall Street with Charlie Cheen; it was one of the best movies because it was my introduction to business. I watched in a finance class. Also, I have tried a program called Investopedia which it gives you the chance to buy stocks from the stock market and you see them growing. You can see when you have to sell, when is the right moment to buy or when not buy or sell. The point here is to make money or profit, and if you are more prepared or knowledgeable, you will see the opportunities in the stock market. Please put more information on this page; it is really interesting.

    • Thank you for the comment.

      Wall Street is a great movie, I like it too.

      I will put a lot more information in the next few days. I have been very busy lately and didn’t get a chance to organize everything…

  2. I long time ago, I think 2011, I attended a Rich Dad financial seminar. It’s the one sponsored by Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. They talked about the threat of a dwindling economy and how this means that America could go bankrupt. Since this was mainly a stock market seminar, the speaker talked to us about trading stocks and the software that came with the in-depth seminars for those attending who were really serious about trading stocks. The most interesting thing about that seminar was how you could actually make a profit whether your investment experienced a gain or a loss. I think it is good to know and I’m glad that you talk a little bit about that here with us.

    One thing I don’t understand though is how options are the riskiest type of investments. If there are two types of options and they both seem like they could work to your advantage, what else is there to look into?

    • Thank you for the comment.

      I like the thinking of Robert T Kiyosaki, however I would not bet against the U.S. Going bankrupt is very pessimistic point of view.

      The fact that makes the Options the riskiest investment is its expiration date. The entire investment turns to zero if not sold before or on the due date.

      I will post a lot more information about options soon, and will be updating it as long as I can.

  3. Investments and investing money is an exciting career path. It’s cool that you are already teaching yourself the in’s and out’s of investing. The cooler part is when you can teach others about it. You learn a lot more about the subject and people will have more respect to you. I enjoy reading investopedia and various sites like Marketwatch and WSJ.

    It helps knowing the trends, as we can (not all the time) foresee its results later on. Doing our homework to current trends tells us what can be a good or bad investment.

    The one type of order I like, about buying and selling investments, is the ‘limit order’. It’s great how one can put a maximum and minimum trading price. This type of order helps lower risk and gives you control of your investment when you’re unable to control it.

    Lastly, I’m glad you enjoyed the Philippines! It’s awesome that you want to go back and I would recommend visiting it again.

    I would also recommend considering it to be a place to retire, or have a secondary home. For $4,000 a month, you can live a luxurious lifestyle, with paid help, and not have to rely on a retirement home. Cost of living being cheaper, or more affordable in the Philippines is definitely a plus for when we get in our older age.

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