A Million Dollar Question


2 thoughts on “A Million Dollar Question

  1. I believe this is possible if you are the head of a business. Entrepreneurs collect almost all of the revenues received. They’re many people who make more than 1 million dollars in a year so i wouldn’t say it is impossible. I’d just say its difficult.

    I hope one day I’m making more than a million dollars in a year. I know there is a lot of money in the stock market to be made. It seems like you already are doing something of that nature. I hope you succeed in what you’re doing.

    • I agree. Everything depends on how you are going to place yourself in an organization. In my openion, in order for someone to be at the top and make maximum amount of money possible, they have to start the business themselves.

      Plus they need to know what kind of business to open. For example someone buys a franchise of the McDonald’s they will make 100k a bit more or less a year. 10 McDonalds could make 1 milliom for someone, but that is a lot of investment.

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