If you want something and pursue it with a definite purpose, then the whole creation will come together to help you achieve it

My motto in life has been “If you want something and pursue it with a definite purpose, then the whole creation will come together to help you achieve it”. I will be honest it has served me well.

I have witnessed many amazing things throughout my life. I have lived in numerous countries, including Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, India, Pakistan Turkmenistan, Russia, and The United States of America. I was forced to experience many distinct cultures, see different ways of life and observe how a strange society operates. I have learned about eastern and western history, philosophies, politics and religions; Life itself has been a great teacher for me. I have been traveling since I was a small child. In every country that I moved to, I had to overcome great challenges to adapt quickly to new ways and compete with people who were born to that society.  Competition has become a part of my character. During my travels, I have learned to speak 4 languages fluently including Russian, Urdu, Farsi, and English.  Most of them I had to start from scratch.  For example, when I moved to the United States on March 16 2004, (it marks me staying the longest in a single country of 8 years). I remember I spoke only 3 phrases.

I have always known what I wanted in life since I was a child, I just didn’t know how to get there until I was introduced to the stock market. During my senior year in High School I was working as a security officer. I worked in many posts including a 63,000 square feet mansion on top of a mountain in Beverly Hills that belonged to Jeffrey Green. Originally he was a real estate mogul but on November of 2007 at the peak of the markets, he had invested 50 million dollars against the housing market, which in one and a half years made him worth 1.4 billion dollars and made him one of Forbes 400. After knowing about the power of the stock market, I became so fascinated that I couldn’t think of anything else. Ever since my goal in life has become to master the financial markets.

When I graduated from High School in 2008, I enrolled in college and started taking economics and finance classes.  I completed a year of courses and realized that I wasn’t given enough information about the Stock Market. They only taught me the basics, which I had already known from my own personal research.  I decided to start looking for a mentorship, for somebody who had real investment experience and knew what the financial markets were all about.

It was summer of 2009 when I met Mr. H. Syed.  I learned great strategies from him. He shared with me about his advanced forward looking perspective on the financial markets using technical analysis, Mathematical Data, Geometric Patterns, and Physics Dynamics Laws. He also taught me about market cycles, mathematical, geometrical and spiral relationship within the markets. Mr. Syed was awarded the Illinois “Businessman of the Year Award” in 2002; he was a very smart and talented investor. Throughout his life, he had managed many types of business including short term and long term investments.

Starting summer of 2009, I have not missed a single day when the bell rings at 6:30am PST and I watch candlestick bars being created from 5-minute charts all the way to quarterly charts.  Besides that, I have done some very extensive researches. I have done a lot of reading to enhance my skills. Also there were days when I worked on analyzing charts even up to 16 hours a day. I have achieved some unbelievable results, which led me to new discoveries of time cycles, and why prices shall rise or fall.

Although traveling around the world and having experienced an abundance of things, nothing fascinates me more than the psychology of the financial markets. Because of today’s global market and its impact on each other I am constantly following the news of the stock market from around the world starting from Tokyo to London to India to China and back to New York.  It is a roller coaster ride with an unparalleled adrenaline rush.


18 thoughts on “If you want something and pursue it with a definite purpose, then the whole creation will come together to help you achieve it

  1. I really enjoyed reading your story; it is very interesting to see how your life has changed. Anytime people have the opportunity to travel and see the world, it results in growth and advancement of knowledge. Visiting foreign places is the best challenge because it forces one to overcome language and cultural barriers. It makes people more aware of just how big the world is and how many different types of people there are.

    Your fascination with the Stock Market is admirable, but it is something I have trouble connecting with because that has always been very confusing to me. However, I do understand the importance of being informed about it because it is a major part of the world. It’s great that you were motivated enough to research and teach yourself about something that interests you.

    • Dear Anna,

      Thank you. Your thoughts are much appreciated. I agree with you, traveling is a great tool to increase knowledge and wisdom as well as grow in many different ways.

      Let me know if you would like to know very briefly what the Stock Market is all about, I’ll be happy to explain it to the best of my ability and knowledge to you.

      All the best

      Samim Amini

      • Awesome, and yes I am a BBRY investor. For the past few months I’ve traded short term. I bought in 3 times so far at different points: such as 7.50, 9.00, and 10.25. I sold most of my shares when it hit 17, but retained a few.

  2. It is fascinating to know we have such a intelligent person in our class! You have accomplished so much and done the thing most people born here do not do…to seek knowledge on their own! I am pretty much speechless with your blog. I am personally not interested in the stock market or real estate but i like how much passion you have for it. I can see you being a very wealthy person in the future. Not only money wise but knowledge based as well.

    It is great that you know four languages and that you are a competitive person. It is a competitive world out there but with your mentality i doubt you will have problems. The stock market is not something people understand with ease, so to see you be so enthusiastic about it is shocking but in a good way. Good luck even though you do not need it:)

  3. Dear Sandra,

    first of all I am very humbled by your kind words, thank you very much…

    I am like any other ordinary person who likes to try hard and achieve the goals that are set. As there goes a saying “if you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it”, that is is my motive.

    Best wishes.

  4. Great stuff man, it looks like you have a lot experience with different cultures and i am sure that knowing all those languages and just the exposure to so many place will benefit highly in the U.S. Just the languages alone will give you a huge leg up on the competition because you can help business communicate with a wider audience.

    I have always had an interest when it came to stock as well, i just haven’t made the commitment to learn to much about them, i plan on doing my own research some time in the future and you seriously inspire many to invest time in the world of supply and demand. I am majoring in Economics and it is pretty cool to see someone take such an interest in the field.

    • Thank you.

      I hope to use my life experiences one way or another, because that makes us what we are. The world of investments is like an ocean with no end. I encourage you to know about the types of business you want to do, since you are majoring in Economics. Depending on your greed and thirst for accumulating wealth, you are in the right field…

  5. Awesome story, a very pleasent read. I guess it’s nice to read about unbelievable things throught a real person. I agree, if you really want something the universe will support you. It’s a thought that show the power of faith and I as well believe it. Often we meet obstacles that discourage you and because we tend to look no further than our noses, it’s very difficult to see the true purpose of things that happen to us. In reality everything that happens has a purpose and if we learn to adjust and accept gracefuly, even the unpleasent things will turn out for benefit in the long run.

    Than you for sharing and riminding me of this. I must admit, sometimes I do forget. Math is another universal language that speaks to us with different symbols. Yes, it’s the way of the world today and in the future. Although, it can be a dangerouse tool in hands of wrong people, I do believe that world economy owes this system a great deal.

  6. I like this. I truly believe that this is true. I have been striving to meet my destination, to be independent for my children, live comfortably, and have the ability to provide not only for them now, but also in the future. My mom often says that she doesn’t plan things anymore. I had to tell her that at my age I make plans to have a destiny, because if you fail to prepare then you prepare to fail.. you cannot make it from A to B if you do not have A or B mapped out. thank you for this inspirational message.

    • Thank you. I strongly believe in this theory also. I agree that if you don’t plan for your goals then you will not reach any desired destination. The important thing is not to ever give up, and do at least one thing a day towards reaching your goal, even if it’s just staring at your goal.

  7. I think you did a great job here! Very cool blog! I liked your project about making a million in such short period.

    It is amazing that you lived in so many countries and speak so many languages. I am sure that it is invaluable experience. I guess you have a better picture of the world than most of us do.

    Financial markets are not easy, but looks like you have everything you need to succeed. You are very goal oriented and a hard worker. Who knows, you might be in Forbes 400 list soon, like Jeffrey Green! Good luck!

  8. Your story is very inspiring. Having to overcome several obstacles has turned you into who you have become today. I wish I could have learned so many languages by actually having to live in those countries that speak those languages. I have a friend who is Persian and she was teaching me some basic Farsi and I must say it is not easy. French and Italian are very similar to Spanish which make it easier for me to learn.

    I have very basic knowledge of the stock market. I know if you buy shares at a lower price and sell when they are high you make money, but anything else does not make sense. You know what you are doing and as long as you work hard it will pay off. I wish you the best of luck!

  9. Thank you, Sam, for sharing your story. Since you told me most of it beforehand, I still thought that it was very interesting to read. I know how hard it is to migrate to different countries and how challenging it is to adapt to different cultures. However, all those obstacles that you went through, made you stronger, experienced, and an educated man. It is so beneficial for you to know so many languages and know so much about different cultures. I’m sure you see bigger picture, and the world. You are very goal oriented and focused. It is very important to get a formal education, but it is also very impressive how you are succeeding on self-education. Keep on-keeping-on! And never give up!

    As I told you before I know some successful traders and stockholders. What amazed me in them is their positive attitude, an open mind; they are focused, passionate and they have a lot of love for others. They never waste a minute of their life, but enjoy every moment. It is very interesting experience to be around those people. I see those traits in you as well, Sam, you are on the right track, and you will succeed if you continue expanding your knowledge.

  10. It is really great to here your story of your travels and how you made it to the United States. I think that you have great knowledge and the ambition to carry out whatever you put your mind to. I see you being very successful at everything you do and will do.

    I don’t have much experience with stocks and so on. I know when I had my 401k with Disney we had investments but to be honest my friend help me choose appropriatly and they were all Disney approved stock. I guess I can’t complain seeing I never lost money. But I love that you so knowledgable in this field. Good luck in all you endevours.

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