Google Forecast. Tue, Feb/26/2013

I Commence with Gratitude. Image

Looks like GOOG is ready to take a little break from going high in price in the short term, therefore I will be looking for an opportunity to short the Stock tomorrow.

Today it closed at $790. I think the price is going to retest $760 and $745 then bounce back higher.

It will be Ideal to buy strike $780 puts tomorrow at a right time.

The exit strategy: If the stock goes above $792 and closes at that price then it will be best to sell all the positions.


Market Crash

I commence with gratitude.

First things first. Everyone is talking about a double dip recession and the possibility that it may occur during this year, in 2013. I must disagree with that point of view because disasters occur every so often, without warnings of any type or expectations. The problem with 2013 and the chances of a double dip recession is that everyone is expecting it to happen, therefore it has the least chance to take place this year. All major market fluctuations are carefully planned by the market makers, they’re always a step ahead of the regular public or the small investors.

Everything in the Universe has a cycle, take it from human life to the orbits of the Sun and Moon, to the Galaxies till the mysteries of Universe. Same thing goes with inflation, recession, or depression as they all have important time cycles. The first big recession that occurred in recent history was crash of 1987, exactly 20 years later in November of 2007 another recession hit. Based on time cycles there was a chance of double dip in 2012 however markets were stronger than ever indicating a lot confidence in the economy, although it is a bubble that is being fueled to expand and burst at a time when it is least expected.

Market trends never go straight up or straight down. It moves in a zig zag pattern going up, going down, or going sideways, depending in the consumer confidence, the outlook of the macro and micro economy of the country or of the world in some cases, and many other factors involved that affects the movement of the market.

In perspective of the of the macro view of the world and the time cycles, my forecast of the double dip recession is in November of 2017. Until then we shall see all the sectors of the economy grow thus energizing a larger bubble.