BBRY forecast per request of Mr, Raul Antonio Juarez


I have prepared a chart about Research In Motion Limited (Blackberry). It is an unusual stock been up and down many times since its IPO in 1998. I have not completely lost faith in it but it is hanging very close around its grave yard.

Right now it is trading at $14.70 which is an extremely important area. It must stay above $14.20 to keep up with the up trend line, however it is near a gigantic resistance area which is at $18.30. For BBRY to have any hope it must go above that resistance area so that it becomes a support level. Once the price goes above $18.30 then it shall go to test $29.29, in other words a nightmare for BBRY because it is the worst resistance level of all time. 


On the other hand BBRY has always surprised people with its price percentage spikes in the past, Although the last 4 times are less impressive than the first 4 times as shown in the picture… That is another signal indicating that investors don’t have as much confidence as they had previously.





2 thoughts on “BBRY forecast per request of Mr, Raul Antonio Juarez

  1. Yes I agree, the stock is volatile at the moment. There is a big split between the bulls and bears here. Most of the investing is purely speculative. I stayed up like a maniac reading articles/analysis the night before they released their last quarterly results. If they where negative the stock would of plummeted drastically! I also staid up for their conference call which follows the release of the reports. Overall, the results of sales were better than expected, especially since the numbers did not include all of the recent sales from the recently released z10 phone running on their new BB10 OS. I’m still debating whether or not to go long with this one. Thanks for the analysis, it is very much appreciated : D.

  2. My pleasure!

    I hope their new phone starts generating some profit. It’s kind of hard to believe that one of the largest tech companies with so many patents has gone so far down.

    In my opinion as long as the stock stays above $14 it should be good.

    Good luck with your positions.

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