Facebook Forecast Mar 07 2013


Facebook Stock is been having quite a bit of challenge since it’s IPO. The stock was offered at $38 in the first day (May 18/2012) and it went up to $45 that day, however that was the peak of the price, then FB dropped down to $17.55 in less than 4 months; since then it’s been trading in the range of mid  $20s. 

Investors have gained some confidence in the stock therefore the price $28 has become a strong support level. Besides the pattern that is being created looks like a head and shoulders pattern which indicates towards the $33 range. Once $33 area is achieved then it will go for $38 area.Image


One thought on “Facebook Forecast Mar 07 2013

  1. I have never been able to figure out stocks. If there a place I can go to find out how to read them? Also when to sell and how you can cash out when you see that you have made money and put it into a savings. I really would like to learn how to read stocks.

    I have a 401k and I need to learn I kind of have to invest but really don’ t know when to move it and to decrease my investment or maybe increase it. This facebook one I read what you put for the stock but those numbers I just don’t seem to understand them. Maybe one day I will. It does look interesting though.

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